Draminski Pregnancy Detector for Pigs
  • Draminski Pregnancy Detector for Pigs
  • Draminski Pregnancy Detector for Pigs

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    Effective and early diagnosis of pregnancy. Diagnosed, early pregnancy allows for rapid separation of fertile and barren female. Helps you make the right decisions about reproduction arrangement. The pregnancy detector is used to confirm pregnancy by detecting the amniotic fluid in the uterus. It uses the principle of wave reflection. The probe, applied to the female body, sends ultrasound beams that bounce off the uterus filled with amniotic fluid back to the probe, causing a signal change generated by the appliance. Steps taken during examination: lubricate probe face and animal skin with oil, apply the probe to the female body 3 cm above the nipple line and 5 cm from the back leg, and direct the beam to the head at an angle of 45°. Proper contact with the animal body is indicated by a pulsing sound and green LED. Slowly move the probe to let the ultrasound beams hit the uterus filled with amniotic fluid, the change of tone and light to intense pulse means the confirmation of pregnancy. Requires one 9V battery (included).

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